UP4 Solutions

UP4 Solutions is a joint program by UP4 launched in 2016 and updated in 2018, which offers innovative proposals for different challenges posed by companies.

The companies which participate in UP4 Solutions sign an agreement with UP4 universities, in which a challenge is posed and the foundations of the program are accepted. First, a call is launched to select proposals made by R+D+i groups belonging to any of the UP4 universities. These proposals provide solutions to challenges posed by a company. Second, the proposals which have been selected by the company are extended into a complete project plan. The PROJECTS which pass the second stage are financed by the company under the framework of art. 83 of the Organic Law of Universities.

UP4 Solutions 2018
UP4 Solutions 2018-2019 is structured on these program foundations and the different calls for business challenges, which are launched as companies join into this initiative.

Challenges 2018
Challenge: Use of some renewable energy source to improve the utilization of the by-products of the citrus processing industry. See more information about the challenge.
Presentation Day: May 8th 2018. Registrations here.

Recording the presentation of the Challenge:

Deadline for submission of proposals: 24.00 hours July 26th 2018 (new date)
Presentation of proposals: on-line, through the link Form and presentation
See poster

Challenges 2017
  - Energy harvesting in water
  - Sustainable use of water
Deadline for submission of proposals: April 15th 2017
Presentation of proposals: on-line (closed call)

Challenges 2016
Challenge: Development of an intelligent shopping cart
Deadline for submission of proposals: January 30th 2016
Presentation of proposals: on-line (closed call)

  - Innovative solutions for the integration of gas and electricity distribution systems.
  - Autonomous sensors for gas networks.
Deadline for submission of proposals: January 30th 2016
Presentation of proposals: on-line (closed call)

Alliance of technological universities

The UPC, the UPM, the UPV and the UPCT have the stamp of Campus of International Excellence